Reservation and Cancellation Policy a unit of Dhanvi Tours and Travel receives online and offline both kind of payments through credit card, debit card, net banking and offline amount directly can be deposited into our account. As per the applicable polices, undertakes to not to disclose clients any type of personal information, credit or debit card no. and account no, if given or if becomes mandatory for making a booking on or though our portal, to any buddy else.

For making a reservation through our portal client can deposit or transfer 100% payment in advance, where as 100% advance payment is not mandatory, except in condition, if client is confirming an immediate booking with in a period 5 days.

For confirming a booking, minimum of 20% of total booking amount is required to be deposited in our account, except, the above 5 days prior booking clause.

^ 70% of the advance will be refunded if cancellation is done on and before 15 prior days from the
    date of check in.
^ 50% of the advance will be refunded if cancellation is done between 7-10 days from the date of
    check in.
^ No refund will be applicable if the cancellation request is made in less than 5 days before the
    date of check in.
^ For partial cancellations, 70% of the advance received on account of the room(s) or period of stay will
    be refunded if cancellation request is received before 10 prior days.
^ In case of premature departure hoteliers or home stay property holder’s decision will be final.

The refund process on all above activities can take a minimum of 15 to 30 days time depending op on the process and work nature of Credit Card Company or the bank with which client holds a saving, current and credit card account.

^ In black & white or an e-mail is required in inrespect of cancellation of a booking.
    Phonic cancellations are not acknowledged.

In case of sudden increase in lived taxes on provided goods and services or if Homestay property holders produce an increase in provided services and Where as amount paid or estimated amount on all kind of bookings, whether, full & final payment have been made in advance or a advance of 20%, 30% of total payment have been made or as convenient to client in depositing or transferring the maximum and as per reservation policy, shall become tentative. Thus, client has to bare all the expenses on his part.
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