Privacy Policy

  The privacy policy of a unit of Dhanvi Tours and Travel is in reference to the client and users access of our travelling portal. Who avail or access our service from tour and travelling point of view or gathering information from personal interest. This policy represents: -

That the personal information given by client while enquiring our executive or accessing through mail or feeling up some enquiry form on the website is an crucial part of rendering services to client.

That the collection of information is mandatory from the records point of view and delivering precise services viewpoint to client.

That if any concerned statistical and analysis Department, Private Company or NGO's, working on promotion of the state Homestay properties or in tourism sector or in betterment of tourism services in state and nation or working on scopes of employment and needs data on the same from our end, a summarized information or data will be given without disclosing the identity of clients.

That where as or its associates shall use the said information of clients (whether registered for a travelling service or gathering information from personal interest) for promotion of upcoming tour packages and newly discovered adventure site. Herein client will keep hold of subscription on service whether to subscribe or not.

That the links shared on link page are for clients comfort and also pertains to our website promotion activity. But if a client intends to access information from the same and shares his/her personal or official in formation, it would be at clients own risk basis. so, here by, we advice our clients that before purchasing a service or registering for a package, kindly go though the privacy policy of every link site accessing through our link page. has no control over third party website.

That however, in order to promote Homestay properties or from advertisement viewpoint or to promote tour packages, can use third party websites or software's and can get aggregate or summarised information of clients or web users. This process will not allow us to identify any user or visitor personally even if visitors visit through third party link.

The policy framed is applicable to adults only. The minors, children's under the age of 18 are not allowed to register for any kind of purchase of services or to book a service through our travel portal. However minors reserve the right of access to this website in educational manners as nothing illicit is provided on the website.
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